Sunday, 15 March 2015


All in all its been a jolly satisfying week. Beating Manchester United at Old Trafford to progress in the FA Cup and destroy their chances of silverware, Chelsea suffering an embarrassing night against PSG and dropping points to Southampton, Man City losing allowing us to narrow the gap between us to a solitary point have all made this a week of pleasure and no small amount of Schadenfreude, obviously it's always nice to see spurs lose but the three points United gained is not good, but as I say: spurs lost...oh and there was also the small matter of our victory against West Ham United and Sam Allardyce: three unanswered goals that help our Goal Difference and possibly give us a boost for Tuesday night.

Yes its been a good week and often its easy to forget the good times and appreciate them. The worst of times are not the apocalypse and the best of times are not an epiphany with chocolate cake, Caviar and free flowing Champagne. This week has been, to put it simply, a lot of fun with The Arsenal winning and those around us failing: come on-thats fun alright.

Enjoy the moment for tomorrow...well, who knows?

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