Sunday, 20 April 2014



"I got no emotion for anybody else"
When it's clear that the premier League title has faded into the horizon some look at the alternative candidates. Chelsea with that insufferable popinjay at the helm and dirty post Soviet money propping them up, Man City who are the Vivien Nicholson's* of the football world and Liverpool the big club who have spent 23 years without a title. For some it is a case of lesser of evils or looking to find a point of empathy with another club.
For me? I don't care. If it's not us I don't give a monkey's. I have no feelings for the others.
Liverpool look favourites and given that they've played some great football and blown a number of teams away then fair enough. I won't have any of this "No one deserves it more than Stevie G " nonsense though. Gerard himself would be the first person to say it is a cliche not worth repeating. I suspect his take on it would be that one earns such achievements and certainly with his work ethic he will have thoroughly earnt his final piece of his medals jigsaw.
We have our own issues to deal with: the FA Cup Final that we simply have to win  and the unfinished job of ending the season with as many points as possible. ECL qualification in reality means only one thing: certainly not winning the tournament as things currently stand at the club, but the ability to bring in top players, therefore it is important to achieve that. The rest of it is merely a question of revenue.
So we carry on with this season that promised so much at one stage with our own fish to fry while above us three teams tussle for advantage and in the cold light of day I don't care who we play in the Community Shield in August just as long as we are there at Wembley.

*Viv Nicholson whose husband won  £152,319 (equivalent to £2.87 million in 2014, adjusted for inflation) and famously told the press she was going to "Spend, spend,spend"

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