Thursday, 13 February 2014


It all seemed a bit moribund: the once titans of the Premier League playing out a goalless draw as if the minds of each team was focused elsewhere, or could that be the minds of the managers?

Lacking in pace or real bite both sides seemed to be content, as the game progressed, in what became a foregone conclusion. For the arsenal it appeared to be a case of responding to Saturday’s debacle by not losing, for United there were shades of just wanting to steady the ship. Man for man both sides lacked cutting edge and the game bore little resemblance o the vital clashes of old. Perhaps that’s a bygone era, certainly for United it’s a new experience. For us it’s something that, to an extent, supporters have become accustomed to.

If, by dint of team selection, our manager doesn’t take the FA cup tie against Liverpool seriously it could be goodnight Vienna: as I said before we are talking about a tournament where we know that one of Chelsea/City are going to be eliminated and that we are in a position to knock out the other real threat on Sunday.

If a priority is made of the Champions League game at the expense of progress in a winnable tournament I feel many will reach a point beyond frustration. If the Manager thinks we have bigger fish to fry when he fields his starting XI on Sunday he may be left with nothing in his keep net come May.

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