Saturday, 30 November 2013


Another day at the office for the Arsenal; Three goals, three points and a nice seven point gap to see us through Saturday.
Dissenting voices now grudgingly suggesting that the arsenal can, in fact, win the league. Of course we 'can' that's the same for a couple of other clubs, it's more about 'will' we. I don't know but my mantra remains the same as it's been since the start of the season; Enjoy The Moment (ETM).
Our players seem to be enjoying the moment, possibly as a result of not  being viewed as genuine contenders by the pundits of this world. It's always good for team spirit to have a backs against the wall mentality and proving those given to bias against the Arsenal wrong must be a great motivator .
So on we go step by step, winning games, building a case for our title credentials, bouncing back from disappointments and growing stronger. These are the good times that have been a long time coming and who knows how things will pan out but one thin is for sure: all supporters of the Arsenal should be enjoying the moment.

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