Friday, 8 March 2013


This is the first time that I can remember not having a game because our opponents are still in the FA Cup. Teams like Bolton, Wigan and West Brom are usually in limbo due to a fixture against one of the big boys who are otherwise engaged in pursuit of the grand old trophy designed by Frattorini's of Bradford. In the past it's generally been those interminable International breaks; the sort of a break in proceedings that I used to get annoyed about, but now I feel something of a sense of relief that we don't have a game until Wednesday.

At the moment a break means a weekend free of the current default of supporting our beloved Arsenal, ie: agitated exasperation at the very real possibility of unforced errors and tepid performances, baffling substitutions and gutter press reactions.

Of course the world and it's wife have written of Arsenal's return leg at the Allianz Arena on Wednesday as a complete waste of time. After all when has any team ever in the history of football ever overturned a 3-1 scoreline in the second half of proceedings? I mean that sort of thing has never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever taken place has it? I mean why bother turning up? At least if we don't show i think it means we give them a 2-0 victory making a 5-1 scoreline, which I think is reasonable given the fact we would be conceding at least seven on the night.

Until then let's hope we have pleasant weather for this Arsenal free weekend. In a way a break from the Premier League and all its bombast(albeit for a week)gives us all time to gird our loins for the final ten games of what is proving to be a defining season.

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