Saturday, 10 November 2012


Well I guess its fair to say that times have changed, or is it that normality has crept in? A great many clubs travel to Old Trafford with the hope of coming away with a point being their aspiration, knowing that they then have a home fixture against a side like Fulham, who they fancy their chances against. This is basically the average premier League side for you. This is the Arsenal’s current situation.

The aspirational team look to go to Manchester and take, by force, three points that are, in context akin to six, knowing they have a home banker against a side like Fulham; thus giving them 6 valuable points in the title race. That’s how Chelsea and Man City probably look at things.

No Arsenal supporter can go into a game with any degree of confidence expecting to win. Yes I know that the same can be said for a great many teams but there was a time when us Arsenal supporters could be confident of one thing; that we would see a great team of players go out there week after week and give it their best shot. That is after all, all that we want our team to do.

The quality of the personnel and the commitment shown are two different arguments but if you get both right then a team can do wonders. If the quality is not there lets at least see a set of players giving their all. It’s that balance that we, the supporter want and currently we are not seeing it. This is resulting in unbridled negativity.

The deeper rooted problems at our club need stronger scrutiny and resolution, but for now we are a mid table team that need to show that their aspirations are higher out there on the park, even if the Manager and Board appear to require less; we want more.

If the Arsenal players give their best to us, dig deep and play for the great club that we are, then we will be behind them all the way in their quest to achieve despite the self imposed obstacles. Starting today please.

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