Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Common Terry


The Euros have, in my opinion, been really enjoyable so far. Some good football, different styles and tactical approaches, and some tremendous matches.

The one thing however that is causing me consternation is the standard of punditry, but even worse the extraordinarily bad standard of commentary.

We get kind of used to the extremes of banality or hyperbole in commentary of the domestic game but I expect that, in keeping with the status of a major tournament, the level of commentary is commensurate. Wrong; it’s awful.

National and ethnic stereotyping, cliché, generalisation and stupidity abound. ITV is the worse culprit with Clive Tydseley the Prince of paucity and poor prose. How he manages to get these high profile games (including Champions League Finals) is beyond me. The BBC aren’t much better and I really expect more from this bastion of quality broadcasting.

Is it a problem with the need for chatter at any cost that is prevalant in modern society? British commentators wrote the book in the past and that book seems to have been put through the paper shredder.

The British Commentator is revealed as inept when compared with American sports commentators (as are British pundits and sports journalists by and large) and this level of pap has been going on for ages.

The Euros are a great tournament that finds itself being dissected observed and commented upon by idiots.



  1. I've taken to turning the sound off - seriously.
    Mick M

  2. Just when you think they can't say anything more stupid they do. Unqualified in football, xenophobic and nationalistic fools.

    Captain Kirk


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