Saturday, 28 August 2010

Job done and travelling home

Reds Homeward bound
That's it now get on the coach and come home to London. Arsenal nullified the long ball football of Blackburn and did enough to come away with the three points. By utilising that bit of quality against this pedestrian yet problematic team meant Arsenal ensured a three point haul from up North. Not something that we have taken for granted since the days of the Invincibles so worth enjoying. There will be tougher tests to come but, you know the old cliche 'one game at a time'

AA celebrates winner at Ewood
Nothing spectacular about the game but the result was all important. It was lovely to see Theo's emphatic finish and he actually ended the game with the ball in the net three times (with just the one counting). Early doors as they say, but Top of the table (for a while at least) with a long break for internationals ahead and hopefully a new keeper by deadline time; it's a pretty good days work.

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