Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Riddle me this

Dear reader arsenalism is away for August but back in time for the second home game. So while I am in media lock down mode I wonder what will happen during August?

Will Arsenal have some fit central defenders?
Will Wenger regret letting Sol go?
Will there be a choice of two clowns between the sticks?
Will the season start without any injuries?
Will Diaby and Denilson do any thing to justify being at the Club? Or in fact just do anything?
Will a gallant Blackpool be summarily dismissed by a cricket score?
Will Arshavin be arsed?
Will the new Rhubarb and Custard kit take off?
Will Sp*rs make it to the promised land of the ECL?
Will Wenger aquire someone weve actually heard of?
Will the new stands being renamed make a difference?
Will Barcelona have shut up by then?
Will Ramsey make a full recovery?
Will another player be on the recieving end of a Taylor/Shawcross assualt?
Will we see 4-4-2 again?
Will the quality of the refreshments improve?
Will Ashley Cole do a Cantona, and attack a fan, due to being abused in the opening two games?

But most of all will we have gotten rid of The Wonder of bleedin' You?

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